Quantity: pcs
Unicell Poland Sp. z o. o.
Capacity:10 L
Brand:Primacol Professional

Supergrunt is a priming emulsion especially recommended for the first painting of gypsum boards and substrate types such as cement mortar, gauged mortar, wood, and wood-like materials. Due to a special formulation, Supergrunt can be applied as a thick coat and ensures a perfect covering effect, eliminates differences of colour, absorptivity, and substrate texture. The product penetrates into the substrate, improves the adhesion of topcoat paint, and reduces its consumption. It significantly reduces the cost of painting and the number of topcoats to be applied. It is intended for indoor painting in residential, industrial, and public service buildings.

Substrate preparation: The substrate should be stable, clean, dry, and degreased. Size paint coatings should be removed. Patch any surface irregularities. For freshly applied plaster, season it for about 4 weeks.

Painting: Ready for use. Before painting, mix the paint well. Paint when the substrate and ambient temperature is >6°C. We recommend applying one coat of paint. Once finished, clean the tools in warm water immediately. The surface finish can be painted after a minimum of 4 hours.

Storage: Store at >5°C in the original, tight container. Keep out of the reach of children.

Additonal information:

  • reduces the cost of topcoat painting
  • evens surface absorptivity
  • improves the covering effect
  • allows walls to breathe properly

Coverage: up to 7 m2/l per layer

Drying time: minimum 4 hours

Tool cleaning: warm water