Lakier do drewna POŁYSK
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Unicell Poland Sp. z o. o.
Capacity:0,75 L

Parquet lacquer is a clear acrylic-polyurethane lacquer for wooden floors, parquet, stairs etc. installed indoors. The product creates a hard and durable coating. It brings out and highlights the natural beauty of wood. The product prevents wood drying and cracking. It is also recommended for surfaces already painted with a colouring water-based stain.

Instructions for use: The substrate temperature should range from +10 °C to +25 °C. Stir the varnish well. Stir the product from time to time during application. Apply with an even thin layer along wood grains, using a brush. Re-apply only after the previous layer has dried. Avoid runs. The best results will be obtained if fine-grained sanding is performed between layers. Once each layer is applied, protect the surface from water and dust. Avoid any draught in the room.

Additional information:

  • for indor use
  • protection before water infection
  • delicous smell
  • underlines the drawing of the torque
  • permanent protection and decoration


Tools: brush, cloth, sponge

Drying time: total time up to 24 hours*

Chemical composition: acrylic resin, poylurethane resin, additives

Recommended number of layers: 1-2

Time for applying the second layer: after a 3 hours

Coverage: up to 12 m2 / 1 litre (single layer)*

Shelf life: 2 years

*The yield and drying time depend on the properties of surface, temperature and humidity of air and the type of tools used.



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