Quantity: pcs
Unicell Poland Sp. z o. o.
Capacity:3 L
Brand:Primacol Professional

Acrylic paint intended for coating of indoor walls and ceilings. The paint has a high hiding power, perfect white and matt coat finish. It is easy to use and has no pungent odour.

Substrate preparation: The substrate should be level, clean, dry and stable. Paint fresh plasterwork within a minimum of four weeks from installation. Uneven or highly absorptive substrates should be primed with Primacol priming paint. Before work, cover all surfaces that are not to be painted. Carefully prepared surface will ensure an optimum painting effect.

Painting: Stir the paint thoroughly before use. The best effect is achieved by painting with a short or medium-haired roll brush. Dilute the paint with a maximum of 5% of water if necessary. Pick up the paint with the roller generously and spread it evenly on the substrate. Paint each successive patch with the wet on wet method. Finish painting of each patch by moving the roller in the same direction. Do not paint with the roller when it is half-dry to avoid smudging. Do not interrupt painting or apply local corrections. Paint the ceilings along the incidence of light by starting from the windows and working towards the inside of the room. Apply the second coat once the first one has dried. The paint has full service properties in 28 days from application.

Additional information:

  • acrylic indoor paint
  • matt white
  • excellent hiding power
  • high yield

Coverage: up to 14m2/l per layer

Dry to touch: 1h

Second layer application: 4h

Fully dry: 24h

Tool cleaning: hot water