Quantity: pcs
Unicell Poland Sp. z o. o.
Colour:Abyss D08
Capacity:1 L
Brand:Primacol Decorative

Ready-to-use, high-quality white waterborne decorative paint, intended for use with Primacol Decorative, a system of creative indoor design. Good washing resistance. Decobase can be applied on different substrates, e.g. mineral plasters, brickwork, concrete, polymer-based plasters, carton-boards, fibre-glass wallpapers, Rauhfaser wallpapers, wood and wood-like products. Gives a decorative coat when dry, which is washable and breathable.

Substrate preparation: The surface selected for painting should be cleaned, degreased, stable and dry. Season fresh plasterwork for four weeks. Substrates which are absorptive should be primed with Primacol. Cover all surfaces which are not to be painted.

Use: mix well before use. Apply with a brush or a roller. Apply two coats. Do not correct semi-cured surfaces. Painted rooms are usable once the odour disappears. The paint is fully wash-resistant after 21 days from application.

Storage: Store in the original sealed container in a dry location at 5-30°C. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Keep away from children.

See the packaging for the expiry date

Additional information:

  • for creative effects
  • the effects of fractures
  • the decorative paper

Coverage: up to 10 m2/l (single coat)

Dry-to-touch time: 1-2 h (depending on ambient temperature)

Time to second coat application: 3-6 h

Tool cleaning: water