Farba betonowa - Mount Everest
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Unicell Poland Sp. z o. o.
Colour:Mount Everest
Capacity:8 kg
Brand:Primacol Decorative

A decorative paint based on a mineral binder. Appropriate application provides the effect of vibrated concrete (smooth, glossy), as well as a surface with characteristic roughness, spalling, and pitting. It is perfect for modern interiors of public and residential buildings, in particular, for industrially arranged buildings. It is perfectly suitable for wood, glass, and glossy metal. It masks small surface imperfections.

Substrate preparation:The substrate should be dry, dust-free, degreased and free of any other dirt. Remove residual paint, plaster, and layers unbounded with the substrate. Prime loose substrate with deep-penetrating Primagrunt GP primer.The concrete-look paint can be applied on cement, lime, and cement-lime plasters as well as gypsum boards once properly prepared.Before paint application, protect the surface with one layer of Kontakt Grunt to improve surface adherence.

Important! The concrete-look paint does not tolerate gypsum. For gypsum plaster or all surfaces containing gypsum, e.g. repairs with gypsum fillers, it is necessary to apply two layers of Kontakt Grunt in order to insulate the surface.

Instruction for use: Before use, mix the product well. During application, stir the paint frequently. The job must be performed at a temperature > 5°C and away from any intense heat sources. Avoid uneven and too quick paint drying.
Apply the paint with a roller within an area of up to 1 m2 and smooth with a trowel. It allows working on a sufficiently wet surface that can be shaped. Control the degree of paint drying and add paint locally if required.

Suggested decorative effects:

  1. Vibrated concrete effect (smooth and glossy surface): Apply the first layer with a roller and smooth with a trowel. Allow to dry slightly (the paint should be still wet but not deform when a trowel is pressed flatwise). Next, apply another layer using a roller and immediately smooth with a trowel (trowel positioned flatwise). While drying, wipe the entire surface with a flat-positioned trowel edge to obtain a smooth surface. Smoothing intensity determines the final polishing and shading effect. Do not polish the surface excessively because it may cause the paint to roll and come off the surface. After 24 hours, wipe the wall with a soft brush to remove unbounded grains and proceed to protect the decoration.
  2. Concrete effect with pitting (matt surface): Apply the first layer with a roller and smooth with a stainless steel trowel to obtain grain thickness. Allow it to dry completely for 12-24 hours (depending on temperature and air humidity). Apply another layer using a roller as well. Immediately smooth with a trowel in an irregular manner. While smoothing, characteristic pitting and spalling will be created. For this effect, such a result is desired and provides a raw concrete look. If necessary, add some paint locally. When the surface obtains the desired effect, allow to dry for 24 hours. Next, wipe the surface with a brush to remove unbounded grains and proceed to protect the decoration.

The concrete-look paint allows obtaining various decorative effects, depending on the application method and painter’s imagination. It can be coloured using Colourants included in the Primacol decorative series.

The final effect is considerably determined by a painter’s skills. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage in connection with any misuse of the product. Before the proper job, a spot test is recommended.

Protecting the decoration.Protect the surface with products included in the Primacol Decorative range. It helps to prevent grain falling and makes cleaning easier.

Apply Decorative Varnish in a gentle and even manner with a thin layer using a brush or a roller. Perform the varnishing job to avoid smudges. Apply another layer if necessary.

Wax can be applied to protect the surface in rooms where humidity is higher. It forms a transparent coating but it slightly changes the shading of the effect and Concrete-Look Paint becomes yellowish. Apply an even layer of wax using a roller and wipe with a sponge to obtain a glossy surface.

It is recommended to use packaging items form the same production batch to obtain the same colour. If packaging items from different batches are purchased, mix the entire amount before use. The colour of the decoration depends on the application method and the final desired effect.

Coverage of Concrete-Look Paint depends on surface absorptivity and preparation, thickness of applied layers, the effect to be obtained, and the painter’s work.

Product with hygienic approval.

Storage: Store within a temperature range of 5 oC to 25oC in a tight container not exposed to sunlight.

VOC limit (cat A/I/water-based paint) 200 g/l. The product contains max. 50 g/l.

See the packaging for the expiry date.

Additional information:

  • decorative paint.
  • mineral paint.
  • easy application
  • raw concrete effect
  • modern interior

Coverage: 1.5 – 2.5 kg/m2 (2 layers)

Net weight: 8 kg

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